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Year 3

Term 2

This term year 3 were taking part in hockey for their intra-sport competition. It was an enjoyable afternoon for all involved. The children played with respect for their teammates, their opponents and the year 6 umpires. A great display of their improving hockey skills lead to some very close matches! Well played everyone.

The final results:

1st Frandham

2nd Limekiln

3rd Coxhill

4th Holmstone

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Term 1

Year 3 experienced their first intra-sport in key stage 2. The children chose to compete in dodgeball. The planning and results groups assisted with the smooth running of the event as well as the year 6 leaders who referred all of the matches. All of the children developed their sportsmanship and teamwork skills to make this a fun but competitive event. The winning house was Limekiln!