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Term 4


Our big question for term 4 is

'What dinosaur is the best?'


After collecting all the children's questions and fun dinosaur facts we have been able to plan some exciting activities to help answer these questions and find out more. We will be encouraging the children to choose the dinosaur they think is the best and be able to argue why they think this way. We will also be hoping to hear lots of healthy debate and children disagreeing with each other’s opinions.



Below is our termly topic map as well as our topic specific vocabulary. If you have any questions, special skills or interesting subject knowledge linked to any of our topics please let us know; we would love to invite you in.

Mild chilli words are words that your children should know the meaning of and use them in everyday conversation.

Hot chilli words are words that your children may have heard but perhaps don't yet fully understand their meaning. They are words that would be in an adults everyday vocabulary.

Spicy chilli words are very topic specific and may require discrete teaching. It is our aim that your child will be able to use them correctly and in context by the end of the topic.