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Year 4- Term 4 Topic: What makes it appealing?


Our learning in Term 4:


Above is a document telling you all about what year 4 will be learning about in term 4 along with some key vocabulary the children will be learning. You can support your child at home in learning this vocabulary and what it means.


Topic - What makes it appealing?

We will be exploring what makes things appealing to us this term, discussing what we like and dislike in a range of contexts including food. Through our topic we will be learning how to follow recipes and make fudge! We will look at packaging and existing branding and what makes it appealing to its target audience. We will also apply our mathematical skills to research both products and consumer preferences to present our findings. Additionally we'll show off our artistic and literacy skills with persuasion and advertising in order to design and create purposeful products!


At home you can have discussions about what appeals to you giving reasons why you dislike or like something. Could you apply your cooking skills at home to help out in the kitchen? This websites includes support on food safety:




PSHE - Healthy Me


In PSHE, we will be looking at leading healthy life styles in terms of our bodies and our minds.




Change for Life has some lovely activities, recipes and ideas for getting children involved in leading a healthy lifestyle: 

You can relax with some mindful colouring at home too

Religious Education


In RE we will explore the question: Is forgiveness always possible for Christians?  We shall learn of Jesus' teachings on the concept of forgiveness and shall endeavour to understand how Christians apply and practise Forgiveness in their daily lives.




at home, for a variety of thought provoking articles and some interesting videos to aid our understanding of the Christian concept of Forgiveness.