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Shall I Stay Or Shall I Go?


Take a look at the skills we are learning this term ...

Our learning in Term 5:


Above is a document telling you all about what year 4 will be learning about in term 5 along with some key vocabulary the children will be learning. You can support your child at home in learning this vocabulary and what it means.



What is Brexit? This term we will discuss what Brexit means and develop our understanding of countries in Europe. We will also discuss the impact Brexit could have on our local environment, discussing the positives and negatives this could mean for our current wildlife.



We will use classification keys to identify local wildlife and the groups they belong to, and after we will record our very own David Attenborough style documentary on how the wildlife feel about the potential changes in their local habitats.




PSHE - Healthy Me


In PSHE, we will be discussing how to keep a healthy mind and body as well as ensuring that our friendships stay healthy.

There are also some great apps to help children keep a healthy mind that are free such as: Smiling Mind and Breathe Think Do with Sesame.