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Anglo Saxons ... Friends or Foes?


Our learning in Term 6:


Above is a document telling you all about what year 4 will be learning about in term 6 along with some key vocabulary the children will be learning. You can support your child at home in learning this vocabulary and what it means.


Topic - Anglo-Saxons ... Friends or Foes?

We will be exploring the life of Anglo-Saxons this term including: who they were, where they are from, when why, and how did the invade Britain as well as their daily life and routines.


The following websites can help you to learn all about the Anglo-Saxons and their lives:



PSHE - Changing Me


In PSHE, we will be looking at the changes that happen in our lives including those that we do and don't have control over. We will also discuss changes in relation to moving into year 5 and the feelings associated with this.