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What did the Ancient Egyptians leave us?


Take a look at the skills we are learning this term ...

Our learning in Term 1:


Above is a document telling you all about what year 4 will be learning about in term 1 along with some key vocabulary the children will be learning. You can support your child at home in learning this vocabulary and what it means.


Topic - What did the Ancient Egyptians leave us?

We will be exploring the life of the Ancient Egyptians this term including: the incredible lives they lead, the gruesome traditions they had, the life of Ancient Egyptian rulers and the art and pottery they left.


The following websites can help you to learn all about the Ancient Egyptians and the lives they led:


The following website also has some fun Ancient Egyptian themed games for you to try out:


We will be working towards creating our own version of Tutankhamun's tomb. This will involve becoming amazing artists and supreme sculpturists as we create our own canopic jars and Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

We will also be creating art in the style of the artist Alaa Awad:



PSHE - Being Me in My World


In PSHE, we will be looking at how we work as part of a team including the rights and responsibilities we have with our education and learning. When else do play a role as part of a team or community? What rights and responsibilities do you have within this?




French - Numbers and Animals


In French, we will be learning our numbers to 30 and the names of different animals and household pets.


You can practise your French numbers using the games below:


You can learn the names of some new animals in French using the game below: