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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar




Below are our high frequency spelling words that we will be practising throughout the year using our spelling boxes and then applying into our writing. You can practise these at home using some of our fun activities.






Below are the spelling rules that we will be learning in term 2. 


Adding the suffix -ation to change verbs into nouns

Year 4 Homophones


We will be practising spelling the words individually and also ensuring we apply them into our writing. At home you can practise the spelling words through some of the fun games on this page and also through spotting spelling words or words that fit the spelling rule in your reading book. It is really important the children have an understanding of the meaning of these words so that they know when they can apply it appropriately into their writing.

Year 4 Homophones

Adding the suffix -ation Words ending in -tion 













Condense > Condensation

Transpire > Transpiration

Inform > Information

Prepare > Preparation

Sense > Sensation

Inspire > Inspiration

Imagine > Imagination

Adapt > Adaptation

Relax > Relaxation

Expect > Expectation










Spelling Games of the Term


Every term we will put up 3 different activities for you to try at home to help practise your spellings. Which ones can you try? Which is your favourite? Use either the year 3 and 4 high frequency words to practise or words from our spelling patterns that you have found or used in school.



Silly sentences - this is a great way to use homophones in context. Write the silliest sentences you can using as many of our spelling words. If you complete them at home, then bring them into school to share with the class.


Pyramid Spellings - turn your spellings into a pyramid to build up the letters used in the word. 



a c

a c t

a c t i 

a c t i o

a c t i o n


Vowels and consonants - practise your spelling words by writing the vowels in one colour and the consonants in another. This will help remember patterns in the words and with spelling rules:

e v a p o r a t i o n




High Frequency Words - These words are from Key Stage 1 high frequency words which we are checking we definitely spell correctly!

Punctuation and Grammar


During Term 2 Year 4 will be focusing on sentence structure, both identifying and using different subordinate conjunctions in our writing. We will ensure we use a comma to separate clauses.


The following website explains what subordinating conjunctions are and how to use them:


We will also continue to build on our understanding of adverbials and fronted adverbials, using a comma to separate fronted adverbials from the following clause. We remember how to use a variety of adverbials in our writing with the acronym TRAMP: