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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar




Below are our high frequency spelling words that we will be practising throughout the year. You can practise these at home using some of our fun activities.



In term 3 we will also be looking at words that have the /shun/ sound at the end of the word but are spent -sion, -ssion, -tion and -cian.

Can you find words in your reading book that have these endings? If you find some bring them into school to add to our spelling wall!

Spelling Games of the Term


Every term we will put up 3 different games for you to try at home to help practise your spellings. Which ones can you try? Which is your favourite? Use either the year 3 and 4 high frequency words to practise or words from our spelling patterns that you have found or used in school.


Foam spellings - get some shaving foam and write the words in the foam!


Spaghetti spellings - cook up some spaghetti and shape it in to a word, alternatively you could use alphabet spaghetti!


Rainbow spellings - use different coloured pens to write each word in a different colour.


p e r m i s s i o n


High Frequency Words - These words are from Key Stage 1 high frequency words which we are checking we definitely spell correctly!

Punctuation and Grammar


During Term 3 Year 4 will be developing their grammatical knowledge in the following areas:



We shall be learning about and applying our knowledge of determiners in order to be more precise when refering to nouns in our writing. Can you find any of these determiners in the book you're reading at home?



We will be identifying different pronouns in our class text Journey to Jo'burg and we will also be ensuring that our writing uses a range of nouns, proper nouns and pronouns. Here are a list of pronouns. We challenge you to find an example of each pronoun in your home reading book!