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School Performance

The following Link will take you to the School Performance Tables to see information about River Primary School.

River Primary school strives for excellence in all areas of learning. We are relentless in our drive to ensure the best outcomes for each child.

Children are involved in planning for their learning and can often identify next steps to build on what they have learnt. Their learning targets are also shared with parents so that we can all work together to support progress.

We use assessment to make sure that we are matching learning to the children’s needs, adapting lesson content and approaches to make sure that the pace of learning is appropriately quick where children are confident, but that more time is allowed where learning is new or children are finding it more challenging.

School performance is compared to national expectations through national tests and teacher assessments when children are in Year 6. Children at River make good progress over time so that the school achieves above the national expectations for progress and attainment by the time the children leave the school at the end of KS2.


School Performance


    Average scaled score for school vs national


    River Primary 2016 National 2016
    Reading 105 103
    Maths 104 103
    SPAG 106 104


    Average percentage of children achieving the age related expectations for KS2 in combined subjects and individual subjects compared to Local Authority and National averages.


      River  Primary 2016 2016 Kent LA 2016 National
    R/W/M Combined 70% 58% 53%
    Reading 80% 69%


    Writing 97% 74% 80%
    SPAG 85% 72% 72.5%
    Maths 82% 70% 71%


    Average percentage of children achieving the higher standard for KS2 in combined subjects and individual subjects compared to national averages.


      River Primary 2016 2016 National
    R/W/M Combined 10% 5%
    Reading 23% 19%
    Writing 20% 15%
    SPAG 28% 23%
    Maths 18% 17%



    SUBJECT School 2016

    +1.2 (-0.4 to 2.8)


    +2.6 (1.0 to 4.2)


    +0.7 (-0.6 to 2.0)