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In guided reading we will be reading and enjoying a range of different poetry types. We will be looking at the features of haikus, free verse poems, narrative poems, riddles and silly poems!


Do you have a favourite poet? Is there a poem you really want to perform to your class?


We love Michael Rosen and we particularly watching him perform poems. You can see him perform his very funny poems through a link on his website:


Remember to keep reading regularly at home and bringing your book into school.


Questions you could ask when reading at home could be:

  • What type of text is this? How do you know?

  • What figurative language has been used?

  • Why has this punctuation been used?

  • What does this word mean?

  • Find a word that means ...

  • What else have you read that is similar/different to this?

  • What is the purpose of this paragraph?

  • How is the text organised? Why?

  • How would you describe this character? What tells you this?


Reading lots at home also has a really positive impact on the children's writing as they can learn different writing techniques from other authors.




Below are lists of some great books for year 4 children: