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Reading at River in KS2 for Parents



In guided reading we will be reading and enjoying our class text Water Dance. We will be using our VIPERS skills to help us understand the text focusing on the author's intent with vocabulary as well as the structures used in writing (for poetry and explanations). This will develop our explanation skills, where we will be giving reasons for our opinions and using the text to support them. We will also be reading a variety of poetry to compare the different styles, structures and vocabulary used. The document above gives lots of different questions you can ask your children at home when they read with you, this is very important for developing their comprehension skills.


Use the VIPERS questions at home to help you understand the texts you are reading.


Vocabulary - questions that focus on the meaning of words and understanding why the author has used certain words or phrases.

Infer - questions that focus on using clues from the text to understand character thoughts/feelings/actions and being able to show this evidence.

Predict - questions that focus on understanding what happens next and what role the characters will play in the story. Use evidence from the text to prove your predictions.

Explain - questions that focus on giving a detailed explanation e.g. explaining similarities and differences between events/characters or explaining your opinion about topics.

Retrieve - questions where you can 'grab' the answer from the text.

Summarise - questions that focus ask you to 'sum up' what has happened or putting events in order.


Remember to keep reading regularly at home and bringing your book into school. We encourage the children to read a wide variety of texts both through their reading material at home and the books that are sent home from school.


Reading lots at home also has a really positive impact on the children's writing as they can learn different writing techniques from other authors.




Below are lists of some great books for year 4 children: