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Will you enter the Premier League Writing Stars competition?

 Working with the Premier League and other schools across the country, we are pleased to launch a poetry competition centred on the theme of diversity, inspired by the poem written especially for this competition; Beautifully different, Wonderfully the same by Joseph Coelho. 
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Beautifully Different, Wonderfully The Same

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The poem and subject encourages us to think of ways to celebrate similarities and differences that bring us together, hoping that pupils will learn about diversity through poetry and help them write their own poem to enter the Writing Stars Competition.


This competition is open to all children aged 5 – 11 (KS1 and KS2), make sure you enter for your chance to win some amazing prizes. The competition will be judged by a  panel, including stars from the world of football, poetry and music. such as Rio Ferdinand and Olly Murs.


Please remember:

*Poems should be no more than 20 lines or 150 words and be on the theme of diversity.

*Pupils can continue the Beautifully different, Wonderfully the same poem or start a new poem. Poems can be of any structure and don’t have to rhyme.

*The deadline is Monday 17th December by 9am

*Poems must be submitted on the KS1 or KS2 entry form. These are available to dowload via the attachment or can be picked up from the office.

Top tips

Keep the theme in mind. Lots of different and amazing people. With lots of different and amazing skills. And lots that we have in common!

Read it aloud, read it inside. Read it to someone at home, read it someone at school. Does it make sense to you? Does it make sense to them? Performing your poem is a great way to make sure that it really works.

You could write your first ideas down on a big piece of paper and scribble, draw or scrawl all over it to make your first draft! But when it’s done, do check your final entry. Then check it again.

Keep it simple! You could use some cool poetry tricks, like rhyming, alliteration, similes… but your message is the most important thing.  ometimes the simplest poems are the best.

Write about what you know. Tell it from the heart. Your heart. Be honest, be yourself when you’re writing. Think about what you want to talk about and what you know and don’t try to be anyone else.

Have fun!

Judging criteria

The judges will be looking for the following:

  • Vocabulary that is relevant to the theme of diversity
  • An appropriate tone
  • Poetry – figurative speech and devices to build a picture in the reader’s mind in a creative and effective way. For example, alliteration, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, symbolism.
  • Elements of poetry – words chosen for effect, a sense of structure, clever use of rhythm, purposeful use of rhyme, (although not all poems have to rhyme).
  • Effect – does the poem celebrate diversity? Do you understand what is important about diversity having read this?
  • Originality – does this entry stand out from the rest? Is it original and unique?
  • Appeal – will it appeal to other primary-age pupils?

See the source imagePrizes Include...

  • A Premier League Trophy visit to your school

  • A visit to your school by a children’s author or poet to lead a poetry workshop

  • Winning poems read aloud by one of our star judges

  • Poems published in an official Premier League Writing Stars book with bespoke illustrations

  • An invitation to a national celebration event and the chance to meet other poets and special guests

  • A framed version of the winning poems

KS1 and KS2 entry forms can be downloaded via the below links or attachment in the Parent email. You can also collect paper copies from the office.

Closing Date : Monday 17th December by 9am

Please give all entries to the School Office or Class Teacher.

Download Entry Forms Here....