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Newton and Darwin Class - Year 5

Sir Isaac Newton & Charles Darwin

Sir Isaac Newton & Charles Darwin 1
Sir Isaac Newton & Charles Darwin 2

Our classes are called Newton and Darwin after inspirational people who have had BIG ideas!


Sir Isaac Newton was one of the eminent scientist and thinkers of his time who is best known for his work around gravity. The story goes that he was sat under an apple tree and when he saw an apple fall to the ground he began to wonder why it fell downward, rather than to the left or right. From this he went on to develop his three Laws of Motion which had a lasting effect on the way the world was viewed. We will be discovering how his ideas have impacted the world we live in today.


Charles Darwin is most famous for his groundbreaking work 'The Origin of the Species', which put forward the theory of all creatures evolving from common ancestors over time. He also suggested that species would adapt, over time, to their environment. Over the course of the year we will be looking for examples of this in the world around us.

Harvest performance

Harvest performance 1

Greek salad making

Greek salad making 1
Greek salad making 2
Greek salad making 3
Greek salad making 4
Greek salad making 5
Greek salad making 6
Greek salad making 7