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Murphy Class Willis Class - Foundation

Welcome to the Foundation Stage at River!

Our classes are named after successful and popular children’s authors. We aim to use the work of our authors to inspire the children to develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.


Jill Murphy              Jeanne Willis

Meet the team

Murphy Class Teacher - Miss Devereux

Willis Class Teacher - Mrs. Churchill

Foundation TA's - Mrs. Kerr, Miss Marsh, Mrs. Simpson and Miss Lockhart


Murphy and Willis teams make our area a safe and happy place to learn by following these golden rules:

Have kind hands, feet and words

Tidy up and take care of the classroom

Have good listening ears to follow instructions

Say please and thank you

Be kind and take care of each other

Help each other learn

Important Information

P.E days are as follows

Murphy - Thursday

Willis - Tuesday

Please ensure earrings are removed and your child has their full labelled PE kit in school on these days.

Please note: We ask you to keep your PE kit in school at all times as we often mix the classes and also take advantage of the good weather at this time of year.


Book Changing

Reading books are changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each classroom has a book box for your child to place their books every morning for changing. We also check home contact books each day.

Please note: If your child has not put their books in the box, the reading books will not be changed or the home contact books checked. We, of course give gentle, daily reminders too!

In the 'comments' section of your child's reading record, please let us know:

Did they read any words on sight?

Did they sound out and blend?

Did they use the pictures to help them?

Were there any particular sounds/words they found difficult

This helps us to ensure they are reading at an appropriate level. These comments also let us know that the book has been read and needs to be changed.

Home reading books are for the children to practise their skills - they should not be too challenging!


Home Contact Books

Home contact books can be used to let us know changes in dropping off/picking up, lost items or any general concerns or questions.

We will always try to reply, either through writing a message back or talking to you on the gate.

Class teachers may also write in Home Contact books to let you know about WOW moments or information specific to your child.

Home Learning and Weekly Updates

Please remember home learning is set on a Friday and is due in to be marked the following Wednesday.


Information will be added here soon



Foundation Stage Team



Term 5 topics

  Our Wonderful World


  Image result for eiffel tower     Related image    Image result for leaning tower of pisa


This term we will be taking a virtual tour of Our Wonderful World, visiting a new country each day. We will be learning the names of the capital cities and the continents of each of the countries we visit. We will also be exploring the different food, buildings, cultures and traditions of each different place. The children will also get creative making things such as Eiffel Tower silhouettes, Gaudi sun shine mobiles, Aboriginal lizards, hairy orang-utans and miniature terracotta army figures.


Image result for little red riding hood clipart     Image result for big bad wolf clipart Image result for three billy goats gruff clipart  Image result for troll clipart


Traditional Tales

We will be learning about the features of fairy stories, identifying the goodies and the baddies, the settings and the problems. We will be exploring the language of traditional tales and practising our story telling skills by using puppets to recreate some of our favourite stories.

Foundation Learning In Action