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In Maths we will be learning about the value of digits in 4 digit numbers in different contexts. You can support your child with their understanding of number by spotting numbers in every day contexts and asking them questions such as ...

  • How many hundreds are there in this number?
  • Which number is bigger/smaller? How do you know?


In year 4 it is very important that you practise recalling your times tables facts. The children are expected to rapidly recall all of their times tables (up to 12 x 12) by the end of year 4. They should be confident in their 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x. In year 4 we learn the other times tables throughout the year but continue to practise all our times tables. Check your child can recall them in any order e.g. asking 4 x 7 then 8 x 9 etc. If they are confident with this ask them to practise the corresponding division facts e.g. 28 ÷ 7.


At the bottom of our class pages are different times tables board games that you can print off and play at home!

The following websites are excellent for practising the recall of these facts:

There are also many apps that you can download on to iPads and iPhones.


We will also begin to look at the written methods for addition and subtraction. Below are examples of how we add and subtract in class: