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In Maths we will begin this term by learning about measuring length and perimeter. You can support your child with their understanding of the different units of measure for length i.e. kilometres, metres, centimetres and millimetres. We will begin by converting metres into km.

Questions you could ask your child could be:

  • We've got to drive 3km, how many metres is that?
  • Which is more half a km or 700m?

Or help them to solve problems such as:

James and Sita do a sponsored walk for charity.

They walk 15km altogether.


James walks double the amount that Sita walks.

How far does Sita walk?


They each raise £1 for every 500m they walk.

How much money do they each make?

James ________ Sita _________


Later in the term we will be learning written methods for multiplication and division. To really support your child in this, times tables are vital! In term 1 the children have been recapping their 3, 4 and 8 times tables. They are already confident with their 1, 2, 5 and 10 times tables. In term 2 we will be becoming familiar with counting in 6, 7 and 9s. We will then apply this to knowing multiplication (e.g. 6 x 7 = 42 so 7 x 6 = 42) and division facts (e.g. 42 ÷ 7 = 6 so 42 ÷ 6 = 7).


At the bottom of our class pages are different times tables board games that you can print off and play at home!

The following websites are excellent for practising the recall of these facts:

There are also many apps that you can download on to iPads and iPhones.


We have learnt our written methods for subtraction and addition (see examples below). We will also be learning the written methods for multiplication and division which are shown below.