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We are learning about finding fractions of shapes and numbers. Learning about what half, quarter and third mean and the different ways we can find these fractions of amounts and shapes. 


Have a look at the different levels on this game to practise using fractions to solve problems!



We have been learning different ways to solve multiplication and division problems. We have used arrays and grouping to solve multiplication and sharing and grouping to solve division. We have been practising our times table facts to help us solve these problems! 

All children have a log in for Times Table Rockstars. Design your own rockstar and have a go at some of the challenges and see if you can improve your score! Are you ready to challenge Miss Spain and Mrs Diamond?

In Maths we have been learning to count coin amounts and thinking how we can use different combinations of coins to make the same amount. We have used our understanding of addition and subtraction to add different amounts and start to calculate change. Use these links below to practice your counting skills. 

To help us understand place value, we use base 10.


Play these games to help you develop your understanding of place value;


We have been using base 10 resources and drawings to help us solve a range of addition and subtraction problems.


In Year 2 we need to be able to count:

forwards and backwards in 2s from 0

forwards and backwards in 3s from 0

forwards and backwards in 5s from 0.

These games will help you practice these skills.


Here are some pictures of us using Base 10 and coins to support our understanding of place value.