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In preparation for our work on Roald Dahl next week, could you find and present (in your Home Learning book) some facts about Roald Dahl and his life. These facts can be presented how you wish. It would be great to include writing and pictures/drawings.

Please can all homework be back in school by Wednesday 14th September.


I was really impressed with the standard of last week's homework. Well done to all, let's keep it up!

We have been learning about place value and number this week in Maths. The children have some questions related to this area of Maths to work on this week. Please could all work be back in school by Tuesday 20th.


We had a fabulous day at Reculver Coastal Centre this week. For your homework this week, I would like you to write about our trip using the photos as prompts. Remember to talk about what we did, what you learnt and what you enjoyed. You have longer to do this homework so please make it as detailed as possible.We have been writing descriptions in English this week so try to use some adjectives,,noun phrases and similes in this writing. Please bring this back into school by Tue 4th October. You have a sheet in your homework book to help you complete this.



We have been developing our knowledge of multiplication and division facts this week. For homework I would like you to complete the multiplication grids in your books. Please bring them back to school on Wednesday 16th November.


Homework 16.11.16

Your task this week is to create your own wanted poster for yourself. Maybe you could choose a ‘nickname’ for yourself too.




We have been learning to tell the time in class. You have homework to practice this skill. Please bring the work back to school by Wed 9th December.

Homework- 6.1.17

The children have homework to explore prefixes and suffixes this week. The activity is explained in their homework books.

Stone Age homework- 13.1.17

For your homework we would like you to research Stone Age homes. Think about the location and size of settlements, what the homes were made from and what they looked like. You can present your findings however you wish. You have two weeks to complete this so think about the quality and quantity of your work.

Can we have this back in school by Mon 30th January.


The children have a maths reasoning activity to do this week. All the details are in their home learning books.

Please bring homework in by Wednesday 8th February.

Homework - 24.2.17

The children have a data collection task ,linked to our science topic ,to undertake this week. We will be using this data in our science and maths lessons next week. Please bring this homework back to school by Wednesday 1st March.

3.2.17- Over the next two weeks we would like the children to produce a project on Iron Age Hill Forts. All the information they need is in their Home Learning books. We would like this to be back in school by Mon 20th March.
21.4.17 - This week the children have maths home learning to complete. Year 3 will be practicing their rounding skills and year 4 will be reading and writing Roman numerals. The activities are in their home learning books. Please can this work be returned to school by Friday 28th April.

Homework- 28.4.17

A-Z of Nature

Homework- 9.6.17