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Foundation Stage

Term 2:

This term children will be working on their Christmas production. Children will be learning how to sing as part of an ensemble and explore good posture for singing.


Photos of rehearsals coming soon....


In Foundation Stage music sessions this term, we are learning about our senses. We are focussing on our hearing and what noises we can hear around us. We have started exploring how loud and quiet different instruments can be. In a few weeks, we will be learning a song all about our senses in the next few weeks and starting to explore rhythm with some percussion instruments.

We have had a fabulous time in music this term. Pupils have shown great understanding of loud and quiet dynamics. They have shown this by playing instruments and using their bodies to make loud and quiet sounds.


The children have learnt a poem this term about their senses:

My eyes can see the big bright sun,

My nose can smell hot cinnamon buns.

My ears can hear the big loud drum - BOOM,

My tongue can taste good things - yum yum.

My hands can feel the sand - what fun!

I like my senses, every one.


The children have also been singing a song about their senses. If you would like to hear the song please follow the link below.