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Fossey Class Durrell Class - Foundation

Welcome to the Foundation Stage at River!

           This year our classes are named after inspirational figures in the world of conservation. Dian Fossey spent many years studying mountain gorillas and Gerald Durrell was a zookeeper and author. As a team we will be thinking about how we can take care of our world and all the wonderful living things in it.


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                  Gerald Durrell              Dian Fossey

Meet the team

Fossey Class Teacher - Miss Devereux

Durrell Class Teacher - Mrs. Churchill

Foundation TAs - Mrs. Kerr, Miss Lockhart and Miss Marsh


Fossey and Durrell teams have created their own classroom codes of conduct to ensure that school is a happy, fun and safe place to learn.


We use kind words.

We have kind hands and feet.

We help our friends.

We keep our classroom tidy.

We always do our best listening and learning.

We follow instructions on the first time of asking.