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Executive Headteacher: Mrs Claire Eggleston


Head of School: Mr A Moore

Assistant Heads of School : Ms T Moody

                                                   Mrs V Alliston


We have an open door policy and would prefer to know if you have a difficulty or a concern so that we can help. Please talk to us at the gate if it is a quick enquiry; we would of course be happy to talk inside if more time is needed, or if the matter is of a confidential nature.

You may prefer to telephone or ask at the office if you would like to make an appointment at a mutually convenient time.


Your child's class teacher would also be happy to meet with you. At the start of the school day the teachers are busy setting up for a successful day for the children. At the end of the day, teachers try to be available. Please be aware that teachers have a professional meeting each Wednesday immediately after the school day.


River Primary School 
Lewisham Rd 
Dover, Kent CT17 0PP

Tel: 01304 822516 



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